What Are Some Minor Parties Who Have Contributed Most to United States Politics?

Some minor parties who have contributed to U.S. politics include the Reform Party, Libertarians, Green Party, Natural Law Party and American Taxpayers Party (formerly Constitution Party). These parties have all had presidential candidates run in the last couple of elections. There are 52 parties that have chipped in ideas and policies that have impacted political life and law in America.

The U.S. political process has sidelined these 52 parties and their nature. With only the two major parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, dominating the political landscape, it has been difficult for any of the 52 minor parties to field a candidate to become president since the mid-1800's. The Libertarians, being the third largest of the political parties in the country, believe that the government should have a reduced role and that provisions for citizen protection should be the main role. Many of its members are local government and state office holders.

The Green Party covers a large portion of the environment, while The American Taxpayers Party believes that the Constitution should be strictly interpreted and that states and localities ought to be given more power. Howard Phillips, who was the most popular candidate from this party, ran for office back in 1992, but less than 1 percent of the people voted for him.