What Is the Minimum Wage in Pennsylvania?


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Pennsylvania currently has a state minimum wage rate of $7.25 an hour. This rate is identical to a number of other states and was at one time the baseline for the national minimum wage rate. Early in 2014, state lawmakers introduced a bill to raise Pennsylvania's minimum wage to more than $10 an hour, but the bill eventually failed to pass.

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The change to $7.25 per hour was first enacted in 2006, although it didn't take effect until 2009. The minimum wage level applies to all employees who are not viewed as making a majority of their money through tips. This means that servers at restaurants and bars do not need to be paid the flat fee of $7.25 per hour. Instead, Pennsylvania allows for employers to pay that category of worker $2.83 per hour. Tips must then be reported and, if the tips are not making up the difference between their pay rate and minimum wage, the employer has to pay workers enough to get them up to an average of $7.25 per hour over the pay period.

The threshold in the state is currently also wherein servers have to make more than $30 per month or they will receive the minimum-wage rate.

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