How Are Military Pay Tables Configured?

Military pay tables are broken down into three secondary tables for the pay of enlisted, warrant officer and officer levels of service, according to Military Rates. The tables then break down pay scale by years of service and pay grade, which is tied to military rank.

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service handles yearly updates of military pay tables, according to its website. features downloadable PDF files of military pay tables to save and use for personal reference. The site links to free software for reading PDF files in case a user does not already have such software. DFAS has current pay tables and out-of-date tables dating back to 1949. provides current military pay tables as regular web pages for those who do not wish to download separate files. The tables at are broken down into smaller sections than the ones provided by the DFAS, which saves time for users looking for a specific rate. In addition to the current pay tables, provides the proposed rates for the following year's tables. These tables are also divided between basic pay charts and drill pay charts. The site maintains an archive of older tables from the five years prior to the current year as well.