How Do You Find the Military Pay Chart for Navy Service?


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Find military pay charts for Navy service at the official Navy website, Navy.com The site has separate charts for enlisted pay and officer pay. Apart from basic pay levels that the charts list, the Navy offers a number of benefits that supplement standard pay.

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To access military pay charts, go to the Navy.com main page, select Joining the Navy in the toolbar at the top of the page, select Benefits in the drop menu, and click on Pay. The charts calculate salary based on pay grade and years in service. Enlisted personnel typically advance from E-1 to E-5 during four years of service, as of 2015, and a salary increase accompanies each advancement in rank and year in service. Officers usually begin service as an ensign at O-1 level and can advance to O-6 within four years, with accompanying salary advances.

Aside from base salary, the Navy also offers all personnel tax-free monthly allowances for food and housing, 30 days of paid leave annually and comprehensive health care benefits. The Navy also assists its active duty personnel in continuing education by paying most or all of the tuition for universities, colleges, business schools and vocational schools. Additionally, a number of states offer tax breaks to military personnel.

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