What Are Some Military Divorce Benefits?


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Military divorce benefits include retirement pay, medical care, use of exchanges and commissaries, and spousal and child support. However, such benefits for divorced spouses of members of the military depend on a number of factors, including the duration of marriage, the duration of the spouse's military service and the duration that the marriage overlapped with the spouse's period of military service. A divorced spouse of a member of the military is only eligible for full continued coverage by commissary, exchange and medical benefits if they satisfy the "20/20/20 Rule," according to Military OneSource.

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The "20/20/20 Rule" states that for full continued coverage following a divorce, the marriage must have lasted at least 20 years, at least 20 of which overlapped with the spouse's military service. The military service should also have lasted at least 20 years.

Transitional coverage by military medical care benefits may be provided to spouses for 1 year following a divorce if they satisfy the "20/20/15 Rule." To be eligible, the marriage must still have lasted at least 20 years and the service member's period of duration must have lasted at least 20 years, but the marriage is only required to have overlapped with the latter for a period of at least 15 years to qualify, according to Military OneSource.

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