What Are Some Membership Benefits of the Army 4th Infantry Division?


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Membership benefits of the U.S. Army's 4th Infantry Division include being eligible for scholarship drawing, vast information about 4th Infantry Division and annual national and chapter reunions. The mission is to organize soldiers, veterans and friends to support, foster true patriotism, unite and assist the U.S. soldiers, notes 4thInfantry.org.

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Members who are eligible for scholarship drawings, such as paid regular members, enjoy a scholarship from 4th Infantry Division. The members may apply for, or submit a scholarship application for, their children or grandchildren. This provides members or their beneficiaries a chance to win one scholarship to attend trade school or college. In every national reunion, 4th Infantry Division performs a raffle to award at least 2,000 scholarships to members.

The 4th Infantry Division website contains a vast amount of information about 4th Infantry Division such as history, details about recipients of honor medals, current events, the latest 4th Infantry Division updates, online member searching and a chat room for chatting with 4th Infantry Division veterans, friends and families. The website is regularly updated and enhanced to make the page valuable to users.

The 4th Infantry Division holds a reunion event every year during the summer to allow all members to come together to interact and engage in fun activities. Chapter mini-reunions take place in the spring and fall at the geographic area of the chapter; this is considered another way of staying in touch with families and 4th Infantry Division veterans.

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