How Do You Find Your Medicare Number?


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A patient's Medicare number is printed on their Medicare Health Insurance card under the "Medicare Claim Number" heading, as stated by My Medicare Matters. This number is used by Medicare and medical providers to determine what services Medicare covers.

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A patient's Medicare number is their Social Security Number, according to Orange County Medicare.com. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) use Medicare numbers to help track enrollees to provide them with services, send mail and other information and to make payment to medical providers. Patients can find their Medicare number on the left hand side of their insurance cards. It usually features one or two letters at the end.

These letters are a code that provider immediate information about the patient. For instance, the letter "A" indicates that the card holder is the primary claimant, while "BY" indicates the card holder is a young husband who is caring for a child. There are dozens of potential codes used on Medicare numbers.

If the Medicare insurance card is not available, patients may also be able to find it on documentation that the CMS sends them. Another option is to just provide the Social Security number and see if a provider can use the number to look up the patient's Medicare account information.

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