How Do You Get Medicare to Cover Your Knee Replacement Procedure?


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Contact your insurer to inquire about Medicare coverage for knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement is a medical procedure that is commonly covered by Medicare and other types of insurance. Knee replacements are among the top surgical procedures for seniors under the Medicare program, and the federal government is seeking to bundle this operation with other services as a cost-saving measure, as of 2015.

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Knee replacement surgery costs thousands of dollars, and Medicare covers all or most of the cost. Depending on your insurance plan, you might be required to make co-payments or a partial bill payment for the procedure. Hundreds of thousands of knee replacement surgeries are performed in the United States each year, and the surgery typically takes about two hours or less. This is an inpatient procedure and you should expect to spend several days in the hospital recuperating after surgery. Physical therapy begins the day after surgery and you'll be able to walk with assistance from the hospital staff.

Once you are able to walk around independently with the assistance of crutches or a walker, you'll be discharged from the hospital. Physical therapy continues at home, and you'll be required to do certain exercises to strengthen your leg. It takes most patients an average of six weeks to regain full use of the knee.

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