What Is the Meaning of Codes Used in Marine Corps's Military Occupational Specialty?

U.S. Marine Corps Military Occupational Specialty codes represent different military occupational specialities, which Marines may train for based on their aptitudes and abilities as measured by the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery that is required of all military applicants. Among the many roles available to Marines are those on the airfield maintenance list, including aircraft maintenance chief, MOS 6019, and cryogenics equipment operator, MOS 6074. Music-related Marine occupational specialities include instrument repair technician, MOS 5523.

The first two digits of a Marine MOS code represents the category of positions, such as intelligence, which uses 02, and infantry, which uses 03. The next two numbers identify the specific position; for example, 0241 is the MOS code for an imagery analysis specialist within the intelligence field and MOS 0317 identifies a scout sniper in the infantry. Other speciality areas include logistics, using 04, communications, using 06 and field artillery, which uses 08. Specific occupational specialities within field artillery include fire support man, MOS 0861, and high mobility artillery rock system, MOS 0814. The Marine Corps also has positions in the fields of engineering, construction, facilities and equipment, including metal worker, MOS 1316, and combat engineer, 1371.

Approximately 60 different MOS codes apply to linguists of different world languages. Among several other job categories within the Marine Corps are food service, using 33 and combat camera, using 46, which includes positions for combat photographers, MOS 4641, and combat illustrators, MOS 4611.