What Is an MDX Toll Violation?


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Not paying an MDX toll withcash, toll by plate or using theSunPass system results in an unpaid toll bill that is issued to the owner of the registered vehicle, but no violation is given unless the invoice is not paid in a timely manner. A picture is taken of any vehicle that does not pay the toll when passing, and the license plates are used to locate the registered owner's address so the invoice can be sent directly for the unpaid toll amounts.

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The MDX is the Miami-Dade Expressway authority, created in 1994 to help fund maintenance, expansion and improvements on the five expressways within Miami-Dade county. State roads 924, 836, 112, 874 and 878 are part of the MDX system.

If the MDX toll road location does not accept cash or have a working employee to make change for travelers, anyone who passes must have a SunPass or the toll by plate system will be used. The toll by plate system locates the vehicles owner by the license plate, while the SunPass system already has the driver's information registered. Both systems send an invoice to the address of the vehicle's registered owner for payment. Failure to pay the invoice could result in a collection agencies involvement, registration stop or uniform traffic citation.The SunPass system is used throughout the state of Florida.

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