What Materials Should Be Studied to Pass the Canadian Citizenship Test?


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The study guide entitled “Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship” is the only official material recommended by the Canadian government when preparing for their citizenship test. It is available free of charge from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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Any other third-party material or sources used in preparation for this test, other than the “Discover Canada” guide, is at the applicant’s risk, warns the Canadian government. The guide is available for download at the government website in electronic, audio and print versions.

Canada’s Citizenship Act requires that applicants successfully demonstrate a satisfactory comprehension of Canada as a whole as well as the duties and privileges of citizenship. Therefore the citizenship test covers knowledge of many topics including the history, geography, government, symbols and values of Canada. It also tests for understanding in regard to voting and the rights and responsibilities that accompany citizenship. It demonstrates that the applicant is prepared to obey the laws of Canada and respect the rights and freedoms of fellow Canadians.

Notably, the guide specifies that although the citizenship test is ordinarily a written test, in some cases it might be an interview. An additional requirement for citizenship is the applicant’s adequate knowledge of English or French. Furthermore, applicants 55 years or older are not required to write the test.

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