What Are Some Massachusetts Residential Building Codes?


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Residential building codes in Massachusetts include requirements for listing concrete strength in construction documents, the allowance for used construction materials that pass the testing standards set for new materials and specifications for the installation of fire safety equipment. The Massachusetts building code consists of the International Building Code and state specific amendments codified in Section 780 of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety.

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As of 2015, the Massachusetts had incorporated the 2009 International Building Code into state law, according to Section 780. Updates appearing in the 2012 International Building Code are not law in the state unless adopted by the state government.

The International Building Code, which details nearly every aspect of the building process, includes other international codes such as the International Energy Conservation Code, which is referenced in Chapter 13 of the building code. Such referenced codes, unless changed by amendment, are incorporated into the Massachusetts building codes.

Most Massachusetts amendments to the International Building Code are minor, such as the amendments to building heights and areas in Chapter 5. These amendments include adding cross references to other Massachusetts laws, as well as notes to specific provisions, as incorporated into Section 780. For example, a note to Section 501.1 dictates that the sprinkler requirements of the section can be overridden by Massachusetts General Law chapter 148.

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