How Do You Get Free Marriage Records?


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Marriage records are free and are accessible from any state's public records department, according to Law.com. Because they are public, anyone can view or get a copy, although there are sometimes requirements, such as providing identification.

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Anyone wishing to obtain a marriage record must have some basic knowledge, such as the courthouse in which the license was issued and the location where the marriage certificate was actually filed, states Laws.com. If some of the specific information is unknown, it may be difficult to find the marriage records. This can limit the ability of someone to conduct a successful search, depending on circumstances and ease of travel.

However, there are some genealogy websites that can help anyone find marriage records if they are unable to go to the state or county in person. The USGenWeb Project has a gateway website that provides links to the public records of all 50 states. From the individual state websites, it is easy enough to find the sites for each county where such information is available. USGenWeb.com is only one of many sites that offer this service.

Background check websites such as FreeBackgroundCheck.org offer the same location services as genealogy sites, and many of these are free due to the nature of such records being public knowledge.

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