What Are Some Facts About the Marine Corps Uniforms?


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Uniforms of U.S. Marine Corps personnel are of three types: the service uniform, dress blues and field uniform. These classes are further divided into several sub-categories designed for specific occasions or fields of action. Marines don't wear berets and wear boots only with the utility or field uniforms.

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The service uniform, which has A or Alpha, B or Bravo and C or Charlie categories, has been likened to business attire and includes a khaki shirt. Marine officers display their rank on the collar of the service uniform, and enlisted Marines display rank signs on their sleeves. The class A service coat of the Marines is green and is belted at the waist. Marines wear the service uniform with khaki or green pants and long- or short-sleeved shirts. Marines can wear the service uniform with a peaked garrison hat or a barracks hat with a bill and round top. Hats are also known as "covers."

The dress blues, in four categories depending on the occasion, come in various combinations of colors of white and blue for the slacks, shirt and jacket. For formal white- and black-tie affairs, Marine officers wear dark-blue trousers while enlisted personnel wear light blue. For parades or ceremonies, Marines also wear ribbons and medals.

There are two types of field or utility uniform. The first is the combat desert or woodland uniform that has a coat with trousers and optional sweater or sweatshirt. This uniform can be worn while Marines are on leave. The other utility uniform is for physical training. It includes an olive-green undershirt, sweatpants and a shirt with a black Marine Corps emblem on the trouser leg and left breast of the sweatshirt, or a green running suit with emblems and "USMC" emblazoned in gold on the pants and breast and "Marines" in gold on the back.

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