How Many Years Has Tyndall AFB Been in Existence?

How Many Years Has Tyndall AFB Been in Existence?

Tyndall Air Force Base has been an active base for 73 years as of September 2015. Though it began as an Army Air Corps field early in 1941, Tyndall officially became a base on Dec. 7, 1941, the day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and began America's involvement in World War II.

The base is located near Panama City, Florida, and was named for World War I fighter pilot Lt. Francis Tydall, who was killed in an air crash in 1930. Approximately 2,000 troops were the first occupants. Flexible Gunnery School No. 9, which was the first company to be assigned to Tyndall while construction was under way, began in February 1942.

In September 1950, several schools, including Weapons Controllers and the Air Force's Air Police, were assigned to Tyndall as part of the Air Training Command. Tynall was re-designated as part of the Air Defense Command in July 1957.

Tyndall became associated with the Tactical Air Command in October 1979. The 325th Fighter Weapons Wing was activated and assigned to Tyndall in July 1981. The 325th became the installation host in 1991.

The base transitioned into the Air Education and Training Command in July 1993, and was the Air Force's only training wing for the F-15 fighter plane until October 2010. The 337th Air Control Squadron was assigned to Tyndall and is the Air Force's only air battle manager training unit.

The 325th at Tyndall was placed under Air Combat Command and the Ninth Air Force in October 2012.