How many U.S. taxpayers are there?


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Most of the approximately 243 million adults in the United States, pay some type of federal taxes. About 122 million Americans pay federal income tax. All U.S. workers pay payroll taxes, which are levied at a flat rate and capped. The result of the flat rate is that people earning a low or moderate income pay a larger percentage than those earning a high income.

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How many U.S. taxpayers are there?
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Households in the top fifth of earners paid more than 13 percent of income in income taxes. People in the bottom fifth get a tax credit. However, the top fifth of earners paid 7 percent of income as payroll tax, while the bottom fifth paid 9 percent. The U.S. tax code overall is progressive in that it attempts to be fair in the percentages paid by people at different earning levels. The federal income tax code is more progressive than the overall tax system. Most households owe federal tax in some form.

There are 85 million tax returns showing income tax owed. 44 percent of people with a liability for federal income tax were married couples. People whose income is low enough that they do not owe income tax still pay other federal taxes along with all other Americans. Additional taxes include excise taxes on tobacco and gasoline. The one type of tax nearly all Americans pay is the sale tax.

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