How Many Traffic Tickets Do You Need Before You Lose Your License?

many-traffic-tickets-need-before-lose-license Credit: Images by Fabio/Moment/Getty Images

Three or more convictions for moving violations within a three-to-five-year period may cause suspension of a driver's license, says Nolo. Drivers under 18 lose their driving privileges for one or two tickets in some states. Laws regarding loss of license due to moving violations vary from state to state.

Most states determine license suspension with the use of a point system, says Nolo. Receiving one or tickets for routine violations, such as running a stop sign or speeding, does not usually result in license suspension. A driver with previous convictions for moving violations who is charged with hit-and-run driving, reckless driving or drunk driving may lose his license.

Drivers who lose their licenses must usually wait a certain period of time before reapplying, notes FindLaw. Because of the potential danger involved in driving, states suspend or revoke a license for a number of different reasons.