How Many Supreme Court Justices Are There?

many-supreme-court-justices Credit: The White House/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As of 2014, there are nine United States Supreme Court judges. The number of justices that sit on the Supreme Court is set by Congress and ranges from five to 10.

As of 2014, there have been 112 judges in the U.S. Supreme Court's history. One hundred and eight of the justices have been men. So far, four women either have served or are currently serving. The court has been around since 1790 and was first held in New York City. The Supreme Court didn't have a permanent home until 1935.

Although the Supreme Court was established by the U.S. Constitution, no laws were drawn up to determine how many justices should preside over the court. In 1789, the Judiciary Act went into effect and stated that there would be six judges on the court, but that number was increased to seven in 1807. By 1863, the number of justices jumped to 10 but was bumped back down to nine in 1869, where it has remained ever since. In 1937, President Franklin Roosevelt tried to pass a law that would add a new justice to the court for every judge that was over the age of 70 but refused to retire. The law never came to pass.

Justices on the Supreme Court hold the office for life. They are appointed and can never be asked to leave office unless they are impeached.