How Many People Serve on the Supreme Court?

The United States Supreme Court comprises one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices, along with a total of nine Court Officers. As outlined in the Constitution, the number of justices permitted at any one time, which is currently nine, is set by Congress.

Justices are nominated to the Supreme Court by the president with the approval of the Senate.

The Court Officers are as follows:

  • Counselor to the Chief Justice
  • Clerk
  • Librarian
  • Marshal
  • Reporter of Decisions
  • Court Counsel
  • Curator
  • Director of Information Technology
  • Public Information Officer

Of these, the Counselor to the Chief Justice is appointed by the Chief Justice himself while the Clerk, Reporter of Decisions, Librarian and Marshal are chosen by the Court. Candidates for the other Officer positions are selected by the Chief Justice and the Court together.