How Many Numbers of Army Reserve Units by State Are There?

The number of army reserve units varies by state, with some states, such as Texas, having numerous collections of units. Other states, such as Montana, have no army reserve units.

As of 2015, Texas has the biggest collection of army reserve units. The Dallas area features 30 units, while Fort Worth has 23. There are 46 units in Mason, Texas, and 17 units scattered around the rest of Texas.

The area of Virginia near Washington, D.C. is another place with numerous army reserve units; in this case, 35. Farther south, there are 15 units in Norfolk, Virginia. Nearby Pennsylvania has 40 units in Bloomsburg and an additional 16 near Johnstown.

New York features six units near New York City and 49 units near the Canadian border. Massachusetts has 26 reserve units in or near Boston.

There are many army reserve units in the southern Unites States, including 20 in Charlotte, South Carolina and 22 in Atlanta, Georgia. Alabama has three collections of units, with 50 in Huntsville, 11 in Birmingham and 45 in Montgomery. Tennessee has 43 units in Chattanooga and seven in Knoxville. There are 12 units in Orlando, Florida, and 41 in Tampa. Jackson, Mississippi has 48.

On the west coast, only California has army reserve units, with 29 in San Francisco. However, there are 21 units in Salt Lake City, Utah and 19 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Finally, there are 37 units in Alton, Kansas and 28 in Kansas City.