How Many Federal Prisons Are Located in America?

As of 2015, there are 122 federal correction institutions in America, including six regional offices, one headquarters, two staff training centers, and 26 residential re-entry management offices in the United States. There are also 14 additional correctional federal facilities that are operated by private corporations.

There are 206,597 total federal inmates in federal prison. Of these inmates, 81 percent, or 165,994 inmates, are in prisons operated by the Bureau of Prisons. Of these numbers, 11 percent, or 24,389 inmates, are in facilities operated by private corporations, and 8 percent, or 16,214 inmates, are confined to other facilities.

In 1960, there were roughly 25,000 inmates in 36 federal penal institutions. In 2000, the number exploded to 145,125. While there are 122 institutions, the numbers continue to increase.