How Many Children Can You Have in China?


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China is known for its one-child policy; however, the country is slowly making more exceptions. Originally, both parents had to be only children in order to have two children. Now, only one parent must be an only child in order to have a second child.

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In addition, the second child must be born at least four years after the first, and only to a mother over 28. A second child must be applied for and approved by the government. There are more exceptions that allow for a second child: if the first child is born severely handicap, if the couple adopted their first child because they thought they were infertile, if the couple remarried but only have one child total and if the husband has brothers and only one can have a child.

There are also exceptions for certain cultural minorities and farming families depending on circumstance. All aspects of family planning are highly regulated and watched by the government.

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