How Do You Make It Through a Military Boot Camp?


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The tough training in military boot camp is easier to manage if the enlistee goes in physically and mentally prepared and knows what resources he can call on if there's a problem. Boot camp is not meant to destroy new military members but rather to toughen them and prepare them for the rigors of military life.

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Perhaps the most important part of making it through boot camp is going in as physically fit as possible. If weight is an issue, it should be lost; if the problem is stamina or core strength, the enlistee should look for a personal trainer or coach who can provide advice and encouragement to build them up. Most military recruiters provide self-guided preparatory training for new enlistees that may include access to fitness equipment. Enlistees should prepare intellectually through self-guided study of things they'll need to learn in boot camp, such as the phonetic alphabet. A recruiter can provide more information.

A drill sergeant's job is to be tough and creative, and they break down those who fight training or have a cocky attitude. Joking around in formation, anger management problems and issues with authority may earn creative and unpleasant punishments, such as saluting squirrels or scrubbing toilets. Try not to stand out in any way while in boot camp. People who are noticeable, such as the fastest or slowest runners, volunteers, whiners, boasters or comedians, may be singled out for tougher treatment.

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