How Do You Make Simple Petitions?


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To make a simple petition, identify a cause, create a letter that outlines the petition's aims, and communicate the cause's urgency. It's possible to use websites such as Change.org and iPetitions to achieve this.

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Petitions focus on a common cause, such as raising the minimum wage in a particular industry. To make the cause's needs clear, state the benefits of the desired change. For example, state that raising the minimum wage by 10 percent could enhance the quality of life for those benefiting from the change. When creating a petition, keep the idea concise while highlighting the urgency of the idea.

Change.org allows users to create a basic outline for a petition using a three-step process. Users can expand on this outline by adding further details and images. Additionally, when there are updates on the petition's progress, the petition's creator can alter it accordingly. Users may also promote their efforts by spreading the petition through social media outlets, such as Twitter and Facebook. IPetition takes a similar approach, which involves entering the petitioner's details and aims, then promotes her work to collect signatures. IPetition also features a live function that allows users to see how many signatures they are collecting.

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