How Do You Make a Personal Injury Protection Claim?


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To file a personal injury protection claim, contact your insurance provider immediately after a vehicle accident, and provide essential details, including your complete name, policy number, your policy's effective date and expiration date, and the time and date of the accident, instructs DMV.org. Additionally, provide necessary personal information of all parties involved, including the license plate numbers and driver's licenses of all drivers.

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After you call your insurance provider, the company assigns a claims professional who works with you to settle the claim and assesses the situation by reviewing evidence of injury claims and checking your vehicle, explains DMV.org. After reaching a settlement agreement, the insurance company pays just compensation and closes the case.

In no-fault states, personal injury protection coverage pays for costs associated with accident-related injuries, reports DMV.org. To speed the process of settling a personal injury claim, take pictures of your injuries and the site of accident, seek medical help immediately, file a police report, and obtain a copy of the report. Write detailed descriptions of your injuries, including missed work hours. Hire an experienced lawyer who specializes in personal injury claims.

To avoid jeopardizing your claim, avoid admitting fault to other people involved in the car accident or the insurance agent even if you think you may have caused the accident, recommends DMV.org. Moreover, refrain from settling until your medical treatment is complete.

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