How Do You Make Your Own Case?


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Thoroughly review the law and procedures pertaining to your case to represent yourself effectively in court, recommends the American Bar Association. Legal books and public service websites are a good source of information for state law, as are non-profit and court-run organizations.

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Representing yourself in court is called proceeding “pro se,” as stated by the American Bar Association. Some people choose this route due to financial restraints or because they wish to handle a case alone. Legal books can teach you about how the legal system and the laws in your state work, and you can find them in local bookstores or libraries. Always make sure that the information is current, because the law changes often. LawHelp.org offers help by state and general advice.

Alternatively, consult local court or non-profit organizations, advises the American Bar Association. These types of agencies can help you select the legal forms you need and review the court procedures in your state, and they may even file your case for you. They are not allowed to give you legal advice, however, and they cannot fill out legal forms. Representing yourself can be difficult, because the legal system is complicated, and there may be long-term ramifications. You can always ask a licensed lawyer for assistance if you have questions.

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