How Do You Make Inquiries About West Virginia Prison Inmates?

Basic information about inmates incarcerated in the West Virginia Division of Corrections is obtainable by navigating to the Offender Search website, entering the inmate’s information and clicking Search, as of November 2015. More detailed inmate inquiries can be made to the Records Office at the correctional facility in which the inmate is incarcerated.

Enter the first three letters of the inmate’s last and first name to complete the name search. You can also enter the inmate’s Division of Corrections number for a specific search. The search results only include incarcerated inmates, or offenders on parole or under active supervision of the West Virginia Division of Corrections.

The Records Office for the correctional institution housing a West Virginia inmate has information about the inmate’s sentence, release date calculation, committed charges and other information. To obtain contact information for the correctional facility, from the Frequently Asked Questions Web page, click on Prisons and Facilities under Navigation in the left sidebar.

The Facility Locator provides a pull-down menu of 15 facilities from which to choose. Choosing the Beckley Correctional Center lists contact details for the facility, together with general information about the facility. To contact the Records Office, call the institution telephone number, and ask for the Records Office.