How Do You Make Calls From the U.S. to Italy?


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To dial an Italian phone number from the United States, dial the United States exit code, the Italian entry code and then the Italian phone number you are trying to reach. Italian calling rules changed in 1999, and older guides transferred to the Internet have caused confusion.

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  1. Dial the United States exit code

    The exit code for the United States and Canada is 011. These numbers must be dialed before any international call can be placed.

  2. Dial the Italian entry code

    Every country has a different entry code that must be dialed before international calls can be directed to that country. The entry code for Italy is 39.

  3. Dial the Italian phone number

    Italian phone numbers can be seven to 12 digits long, with the area code being two to four digits long, and the actual phone number being five to eight digits long. If a zero is listed before the area code, be sure to include the zero when dialing. For many European numbers, the zero is dropped when calling, but that is not the case with Italian phone numbers. If you have difficulty dialing a number, make sure it is not an 800 or 199 number, as these numbers typically go to call centers and cannot be accessed by international callers.

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