What Are the Major Functions of the Ft. Hood Army Base?


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Fort Hood Army Base in Texas provides training and support for many Army units, and it can accommodate two armored divisions at one time. This Army Base is the largest and oldest in the United States; it is the only one capable of stationing and training Armored Division troops, and offers realistic training scenarios for resident soldiers. Fort Hood covers roughly 340 square miles; within its borders are special units and facilities to support Army life, such as schools and hospitals.

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Fort Hood was built in 1942 and originally served as a space to test destroyers for World War II. The diverse terrain within Fort Hood's borders, including flat plains and rolling hills, continue to make it an ideal place for soldiers to train.

Fort Hood has undergone several changes since its inception, particularly in size and the scope of its services. During the 1970s, Fort Hood became the premier Army facility for training and testing new weapons, military craft and tactics. In addition to military callings, Fort Hood also acts as a deployment center for the Army's humanitarian initiatives. In 1972, Fort Hood trained and sent resident soldiers to assist in the aftermath of the 1972 Nicaraguan earthquake.

Fort Hood also boasts a high quality of life, according to the official Fort Hood website. It welcomes soldiers and their families with community living, superior medical facilities and schools and offers outdoor activities and entertainment, including music and theater shows.

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