What Are Some of the Main Regulations That Govern Installing a Driveway?


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Municipalities such as the City of New York require the builder to obtain a permit before installing or altering a driveway, and the NYC Department of Buildings requires an application before it grants the permit, according to each government website. The municipality requires a registered architect or licensed professional engineer to submit completed drawings. Regulations focus on legal and zoning objections. While some counties have jurisdiction over driveway regulations, cities often have ultimate authority, states the UNC School of Government.

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There are size, width, material and location standards for building and replacing driveways in the city of Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Zoning Code regulates the building and alteration of driveways, and the code does not require a permit if the plan meets with current standards, explains the Minneapolis Development Review. However, there is a zoning site and plan review before the project can commence. As of 2015, the city of Minneapolis also allows private home owners to do construction on their own properties without hiring a contractor.

Site considerations are also important, notes the UNC School of Government. These include access points to the driveway that may affect traffic flow. Commercial driveways often require a traffic-impact study if daily vehicles exceed more than 3,000 per day. Some municipalities also send personnel to install drainage culverts in residential properties, but owners are often required to supply pipe and materials.

The City of Austin Planning and Zoning Department places regulations on the materials used for new driveways, according to its website. These require the builder to pave the drive with asphalt, brick or concrete. Existing driveways using crushed stone, gravel, cinder or dirt are grandfathered in, while additions to these driveways require the updated materials.

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