What Are the Main Duties of the Georgia State Bar Association?


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The main duties of the Georgia State Bar Association include issuing formal advisory opinions that clarify a lawyer’s obligations in a certain situation and amending its bylaws from time to time to streamline its operations. It also Serves as the supreme court’s arm that does investigations and prosecution when lawyer violates the ethics rules in the state, as stated by State Bar of Georgia. As a nonprofit organization, it ensures justice availability to all people, says Georgia Legal Services program.

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The Georgia State Bar Association has a duty to appoint new members to represent it in the house of delegates of the American Bar Association when an elected representative resigns, dies or becomes disabled. The appointment is done through the president of the bar, according to the State Bar of Georgia.

The association, through active members, has a duty to vote and nominate the members of the young lawyers division. Affiliate members are, however, not eligible to participate in the election or nomination process, says State Bar of Georgia. The Georgia State Bar Association also has a duty to spearhead the members to embrace the culture of service delivery, which improves justice rendering to the public, as detailed by HG Legal Resources.

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