What Are the Main Duties of the California Bureau of Land Management?


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The California Bureau of Land Management has many duties including the regulation of national conservation lands, area wildlife and abandoned mine lands, and planning and recreation. Additional duties include regulation of burros and wild horses, national monuments, cultural resources, hazardous materials and energy resources.

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The goal of the California Bureau of Land Management is to ensure that public lands are healthy, productive and diverse. This allows people currently living and future generations to use and enjoy the land. The Department of Interior works to protect landscapes, resources and Indian nations and promote sustainability. Ecological functions such as improving land and water health, locating and making minerals available in an environmentally conscious manner, protecting tribal relationships and providing a broad variety of public recreational activities all fall under the scope of departmental duties.

Additionally, the California Bureau of Land Management works to expedite solar, wind and geothermal energy products, as well as to enhance conservation through positive relationships in the community. Public safety is also a priority, as the department addresses issues such as noxious weeds. The foundation of this work is based on operational excellence, which is aimed at valuing employees and maintaining a positive work environment and annually improving how issues are processed.

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