What Is an LVNV Funding Lawsuit?

An LVNV Funding lawsuit is a debt collection legal case filed by LVNV Funding, LLC against a debtor. In an LVNV Funding lawsuit, the burden of proof lies with LVNV Funding, LLC to show beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused owes the debt that the company is suing on, notes NahoumLaw.com.

LVNV Funding, which is a company owned by Sherman Acquisition as of 2015, purchases defaulted consumer debt from financial institutions, credit card firms, hospitals, physicians and automotive companies at a relatively low cost. This debt buyer is then demands the full amount from consumers with added overdue, lawyer's and overdraft fees, fines and interest, states NahoumLaw.com. LVNV Funding generally files a collection lawsuit against consumers who refuse to pay for their alleged debt.

LVNV Funding typically enlists the services of a local collection attorney to file the lawsuit in its behalf, notes WestonLegal.com. The validity of LVNV Funding's case hinges on first-hand knowledge from a witness. This witness must be able to verify and demonstrate to the court the manner in which the debt was incurred and how it was generated and maintained.

Through a business record affidavit, LVNV Funding must provide corroborative evidence showing that the company is within legal bounds in filing the law suit, that the debt is owned by the defendant and that the amount stated in the case is in fact the correct amount owed by the consumer. Several options are available to people served with an LVNV Funding lawsuit, including hiring a debt defense attorney.