What Was Louis Farrakhan's Last Speech?


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Louis Farrakhan’s last speech of 2015 was given at the Million Man March anniversary in Washington, DC. The speech, which lasted more than two hours, touched on a range of topics, including abortion, the Black Lives Matter movement, child abuse, colonialism and corruption. It also discussed human trafficking, natural disasters, mortality, misogyny and the Declaration of Independence.

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His speech, intended to address a variety of collective issues and to appeal to the varied audience members, drew criticism from some people and praise from others. Participants in the rally, who were looking for a specific set of goals for progress, were disappointed by the array of issues addressed and the lack of cohesive targets or intentions for a movement. The first Million Man March rally in 1995 received criticism at the time because it suggested a simple or singular solution to a broad spectrum of complex social and political concerns. Louis Farrakhan's speech at the 2015 event receives criticism for opposing reasons.

In 1995, Louis Farrakhan organized and led the first Million Man March, which aimed to bring together black men in the spirit of atonement, to acknowledge and take responsibility for a variety of social, moral, and political failures and future goals.

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