How Do You Look up a Voter Registration Number?


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You can find your voter registration number by going to CanIVote.org and following the prompts. After selecting your state, you will be redirected to a state voter page where you can enter your information including name, date of birth, county and ZIP code to ascertain registration status.

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CanIVote.org not only assists with discovering voter information, but it also provides details about a number of voting-related topics, such as locating a polling place, the types of ID to bring, how to do absentee and early voting, and even which candidates are running and what they stand for. If you are not yet registered to vote, you can follow the link on CanIVote.org for a National Mail Voter Registration Form.

Even though presidential elections only occur every four years, elections on a smaller scale (house, state or local level) often occur on a more frequent basis. One of the United States' greatest assets is its system of democracy, and citizen participation in government activities is an essential element. Although voting has been somewhat challenged in recent years, with the passage of Voter ID laws in certain states and the elimination of both same-day registration and expanded voting hours in others, with enough time and preparation it is still possible to make it to the polls and cast your vote in time.

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