How Do You Look up U.S. Phone Numbers Online?


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U.S. phone numbers can be looked up on websites such as 411, Whitepages and AnyWho. Phone numbers can be located for people or businesses, and some sites offer a reverse phone number look up service.

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How Do You Look up U.S. Phone Numbers Online?
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Each website that offers U.S. phone number search services has a different method for performing the search, even if they are somewhat similar to one another. The steps below show how to perform a phone number search on AnyWho using the white pages section.

  1. Select the type of lookup
  2. Select "White Pages" from the top tabs.

  3. Enter the first name
  4. In the "First Name" box, enter the first name of the individual. A partial or full first name can be entered, or it can be left blank for a more expanded search.

  5. Enter last name
  6. Enter the last name in the "Last Name" box in the search area. If the individual has a very common last name, it is a good idea to include the full first name as well as a middle initial. If the last name is hyphened, either the entire name or just one of them can be entered for varying results.

  7. Enter the location
  8. Enter the city of the individual or the ZIP code in the appropriate box in the "Find a Person" search area. Use the drop-down box to select the appropriate state.

  9. Find the person
  10. Click "Find" to display the results. If there are too many results, add more information in the search box and try again; if not enough results are displayed, remove some of the information and search again.

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