How Do You Look up a State Medical License?


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Look up a state medical license by visiting the medical board website for the state and locating the license search tool. Though the tools vary between states, most allow users to search by physician name. Each state maintains different requirements for medical licensing and what information is publicly available.

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The first step to looking up a state medical license is to visit the licensing page for the state in which the individual is practicing and locate the appropriate medical classification within the search tool. For example, the Medical Board of California allows you to search its database of medical licenses for physicians, licensed midwives, contact lens dispensers, research psychoanalysts and several other roles. If the state provides multiple options, choose the one that best matches the role of the individual and the type of medicine she practices. Other states, such as New York, only allow searches for physicians and physician's assistants.

If the state does not include multiple licensing options, the search page typically includes a section that contains an entry box for an individual's name or a license number. Searching by name displays all individuals on record with the state with a full or partial name match, along with the date of issuance for the license. Searching by license number typically only displays exact matches. It is also possible to contact the state medical board directly to inquire about licensing information.

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