How Do You Look up Someone's Mailing Address by Name?

How Do You Look up Someone's Mailing Address by Name?

To look up someone's mailing address by name, use reverse look-up websites such as and Alternatively, use a website that scans public records such as Zaba Search. All these websites allow address look-up for free. Also, browse through the social networking websites.

Before accessing reverse look-up websites, collect the most recent information about the person, including any name changes.

On, click on the White Pages tab, and enter the first name, last name and the city or the ZIP code. Choose the person's state from the drop-down menu, and click on Find. This leads to a page that provides the mailing address of all listings in the directory with that name along with their phone numbers. To narrow down the search on this site, include the first letter of the middle name and type the full first name.

On the Whitepages website, click on the People tab, enter the first and last name of the person along with city and state or ZIP code, and click on Search to display the search results.

The Zaba Search website requires the person's name and state to display the mailing address. While this uses information available in public records, it may not be accurate. This site removes personal information from its records on request.