How Do You Look up Recent Births in Your Area?

How Do You Look up Recent Births in Your Area?

Find a town or city newspaper, and then read the announcements section for recent births. Locate more of them by searching through city records. Cities allow access to birth records through their local government offices.

Many newspapers display birth announcements in their classified section, which are also placed on their websites. partnered with a few city newspapers. The site shows birth announcements from different newspapers, such as the Chicago Tribune and The Augusta Chronicle.

Only immediate family members can gain access to birth records through government offices. These records are not available online or for free. Visit your city's record office website for instructions on how to obtain birth records of family members.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allow access to vital records, which includes recent births. You obtain information about recent births by either visiting the vital records office or writing to it. You need to know a few key details before applying for birth records, including the person's full name, his parents' names and the exact date of birth.

It costs a small fee to get official birth documents such as a birth certificate. The prices vary by state. Generally, as of 2016, the prices range between $5 and $30 per document.