How Do You Look up Property Histories by Address?

Look up property history by address by researching old deeds, mortgages, utility records, building permits, tax records and insurance records. By tracing owners through city directories, census reports, obituaries, newspapers, church records and phone books, you may uncover information about previous owners and the families who lived in or owned the property.

It's possible to find information on property deeds online, but generally searches for historical information require a trip to the county clerk's office. Trace a piece of property with old deeds, history of ownership or a chain of titles to find transfers of ownership. Finding the building permit provides information about the original dimensions and materials used to build a home.

Long-time neighbors may have information on the former owner of the property in question. Using old newspapers or a reverse telephone directory can also provide information on previous owners, and church and census records may have information on the number of previous residents, their ancestry, the number of children they had, the owner's occupation, and the value of property at the time. Marriage, death and birth records may provide further details, including the names and addresses of living relatives who may have information on the history of the property.