How Do You Look up New Mexico Court Cases?

look-up-new-mexico-court-cases Credit: Chris Ryan/OJO Images/Getty Images

The Judicial Branch of New Mexico has established online access on its website to look up New Mexico Court cases. Besides online lookup, anyone seeking information about a New Mexico Court case can go to the court clerk where the case is pending and examine the case records.

Before actually doing a search, the New Mexico State Judiciary requires online users to accept the disclaimer, which prohibits using the online portal for any other purpose than viewing individual court records.

The “Welcome to Case Lookup” page allows searches using a number of criteria, such as name, driver’s license number, and court type and location. If researchers have the case numbers, they can use them to search court records.

The New Mexico State Judiciary has also enabled a direct full-name search for those convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI).

The online case lookup includes New Mexico District, Magistrate and Municipal Courts. Municipal Court data only covers criminal domestic violence and DWI cases from September 1991 to present. District and Magistrate case information is updated daily. Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court DWI data is available on the New Mexico State Judiciary website, but online users must refer to the Bernalillo County website for information on cases other than DWI.