How Do You Look up Jail Inmate Information for Harlan County? provides jail inmate information for Harlan County in Evans, Kentucky. The inmate roster includes all individuals arrested and currently in custody of the Harlan County Detention Center.

To look up the jail inmate information for Harlan County, visit the On the left sidebar menu, click Current Inmates to view the inmate roster for the detention center. The detainees' page displays an alphabetical list of inmates incarcerated inside the center and shows the inmates' full names and booking dates. Click the name of an inmate to access more information about the detainee, including the case number, arresting officer, bond type and amount, inmate classification, and previous and recent charges. The site also includes the booking photo of the arrested individual and status code number and description.

The detention center's most recent detainees are usually awaiting the date of their court trials and are therefore not yet pronounced guilty by the court. The HCDC inmate roster page also provides a victim notification link, allowing victims to get updates about an inmate's status, such as the maximum sentence, the release date and the parole review status. The HCDC inmate roster page also includes an option to print the inmate information for easy reference.