How Do You Look up an Inmate in a County Jail?


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Each county has a website that provides search options for users with the most common method being a name search, although some sites offer the option to sort by picture. The location of these searches varies from site to site as each county has their own website and their own team that maintains it. It is advised that this information not be used for legal action because it can change or reflect inaccurate data.

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How Do You Look up an Inmate in a County Jail?
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The searches are normally set up where a user can put in minimal information to get results, but the more information someone can provide, the more accurate the results will be. The information on these sites are not instantaneous, but are usually updated every few hours. Entering the information when someone is taken into a county lock-up takes time because the detainee has to be processed and loaded into the system properly. The time that it takes to update the system does mean that a person may already be released on bond or even processed to another facility, so they may not show up on the database for that particular jail. If the information isn't available, some of the jails offer phone numbers that can be called to check on the status of an inmate.

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