How Do You Look up DEA Verifications?

Look up Drug Enforcement Administration verifications for pharmaceutical providers using the institution's official online database at The DEA does not offer this information for free; queries and user search subscriptions have widely varying costs.

The DEA offers annual search subscriptions to users through partnership with the National Technical Information Service. Subscriptions differ in cost based on whether the user wishes the database updated daily, weekly or monthly. A single user who wishes to purchase an annual subscription offering unlimited access to the DEA verification database, updated daily, must pay $3,250 for the service as of 2015, while a single user who wishes to purchase a similar subscription with database information updated monthly pays only $2,020.

In addition to annual subscriptions, the DEA also offers limited query products ideal for individuals and organizations who do not regularly need access to its verification database. While a single query costs $9, the unit price of queries falls as users purchase more. For example, as of 2015, five queries costs $40, 10 queries costs $70 and 25 queries costs $150. The largest amount of queries an individual can purchase is 50,000 at a cost of $2,625, which is slightly more than $.05 per query.

The DEA also provides limited access to its database on CD. As of 2015, the administration's Controlled Substance Act database costs $340 for a single copy, and the List 1 database costs $400.