How Do You Look up an Address in Canada?

As of 2015, people can look up an address in Canada by using a postal code that is tied to the address' region through the Canada Post's Find an Address function. Alternatively, users can also use or to find either a person or business, the results of which typically display any address that is associated with the entry. A person's or business' address is also usable as a reverse lookup variable on both websites.

The Canada Post's Find an Address function helps users find all of the addresses that are associated with the area code used as the search variable. This feature was previously known as the Reverse Search tool and requires users to enter a six character Canadian postal code.

The Canadian postal code is part of every mailing address in the country and is primarily designed to help the Canada Post sort mail with higher degrees of accuracy and efficiency. The Canadian postal code is made up of a combination of three characters and numbers. The first character of any Canadian postal code refers to the territory or province that the address belongs to. The postal code is typically placed on the same text line as the mail's destination address.