How Long Do Speeding Tickets Stay on a License?


The length of time that speeding tickets stay on licenses varies by state, but generally stays on licenses for a time period of 2 to 5 years. In addition to location, other factors, such as any pre-existing points on a license or multiple offenses, may influence the amount of time that speeding tickets remain on licenses.

The system of assigning points to licenses is maintained by the Department of Motor Vehicles, which has offices in all fifty states. Each state branch of the DMV operates autonomously, and has the freedom to create some rules and regulations that govern the actions of state citizens.

Some states have harsher penalties for violations than others. In Arizona, for instance, violations in the categories of traffic and speeding tickets can stay on licenses for two years while those violations may remain on the licenses of drivers in other states, such as Wisconsin, for up to five years.

Once drivers have a speeding or traffic ticket on record, they want to reduce points as quickly as possible. Many states offer citizens methods for reducing the points on their licenses, such as by taking state-approved classes and courses in traffic safety and defensive driving. In some states, points are reduced if drivers go for a set period of time without getting another ticket.