How Long Is the Eviction Process in Indiana?

The length of time it takes to process an eviction in Indiana varies. Processing time is affected by a number of factors including the time it takes the court to process a complaint for eviction, when the eviction notice is served, and how quickly the tenant responds to eviction notices.

The first step in the eviction process in Indiana is giving a tenant written notice of an eviction. A 10-day notice to quit must be hand-delivered to the tenant or posted somewhere on the property. If after 10 days the tenant has not responded, the property owner must go to the court located in the jurisdiction of the property and fill out a complaint for eviction. The court clerk then sends a summons to the tenant, giving him notice to appear in small claims court. The court date is set no sooner than five days after the summons is served to the tenant.

The first court date determines only who should be in possession of the property. A second court date is scheduled if the tenant owes back rent. If the tenant is ordered by a judge to vacate the property on the first court date and does not leave within the time frame set forth by the judge, the sheriff's office serves a notice to vacate. This notice usually gives the tenant no more than 24 hours to comply. If the tenant remains, he is then removed from the property by the sheriff's office.