How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in the U.K.?

In the best possible scenario, getting a divorce in the United Kingdom could take around 6 months, but this assumes that there are no problems, and that both parties do not contend the divorce, which requires further legal involvement and action. Couples in the U.K. have to have been married a year before they are able to file for a divorce.

There are 2 main types of divorce in the U.K.: defended divorce and undefended divorce.

The defended divorce occurs when one side does not agree to the divorce. This requires the case go to the family courts, and often both parties will require both solicitors and barristers. Defended divorces can become long and expensive processes, often taking much longer than 6 months to resolve.

The undefended divorce occurs when both parties agree to the divorce. While this form of divorce also needs to be heard in the family court, there is often no real need for either party to make use of a barrister, although consulting with a solicitor beforehand is generally encouraged.

In order for the court to grant a divorce, it has to be shown beyond reasonable doubt that the marriage has been damaged beyond repair, which means adultery, living separately for more than 2 years, or unreasonable behavior has to be proved by one or both parties.