How Long Does It Take for Divorce Proceedings to Be Completed?


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It can take approximately 9 to 11 months to complete divorce proceedings in cases where spouses remain civil and cooperative. However, if spouses become hostile and the case goes to trial, it can take 17 months or longer, according to Nolo. Factors that contribute to the length of divorce proceedings include the amount of property or financial assets owned by spouses, attorney speediness, civility of spouses, number of children and individual state's divorce laws.

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Divorce proceedings include filing divorce petitions, obtaining temporary orders for child support, serving intent to divorce documents, and participating in the negotiation of property, child support, visitation or spousal support, reports AllLaw. Divorce proceedings conclude with an order of dissolution of the marriage.

Divorce proceedings that include a trial prolong the divorce process. Spouses must provide specific financial information along with a list of assets to determine the value of property and other possessions, claims DivorceSupport.com. During a trial, the judge determines which possessions and other assets spouses receive.

After the completion of divorce negotiations, spouses must submit an order of dissolution that includes a settlement agreement to the court, as noted by AllLaw. Upon review by a judge, a divorce is granted if the settlement agreement meets all legal requirements.

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