How Long Does a Divorce Take in Indiana?

long-divorce-indiana Credit: PhotoStock-Israel/Culutra/Getty Images

According to Indiana Legal Services, someone who has filed for divorce in Indiana must wait for at least 60 days before the court finalizes the divorce. If the divorce case is complex, or the court's schedule is busy, finalizing the divorce sometimes takes longer than 60 days.

Indiana Legal Services also notes that when a person files for a divorce, the court charges a filing fee, the case is assigned to a judge, and a copy of the divorce papers are sent to the person's spouse. After at least 60 days, the court holds a final hearing or issues legal documents showing that both spouses have agreed to the terms of the divorce. At the final hearing, the court formally ends the marriage and divides marital property and debts, typically in half.

The court also issues orders for the custody, visitation and support of any children of the marriage. In addition the court can issue other types of orders, such as protective orders, and may require counseling or spousal maintenance. Sometimes the court issues temporary orders for these types of matters when the divorce is filed.

The temporary orders are in effect only until the final hearing. After the final hearing the court cannot change the order dividing property and debts, though it can sometimes change orders regarding child custody, visitation and support.